What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the methodof making a website rank high in search engine results to increase its visibility and traffic. SEO does this by making a website and its pages relevant to its target keywords through various techniques such as link building and content optimization. With a good SEO campaign, a website may “organically” reach the top pages of search engines results and dramatically improve its online presence and credibility.

Benefits and Advantages of SEO

Increase Visibility And Site Traffic – The primary goal and benefit of SEO is to make your website come up when people use search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Baidu) to look for your type of business or product. With more people visiting your site, you have a higher chance of turning them into clients or customers.

Recognition And Brand Awareness – With more visitors coming to your site, more people will recognize your business and the quality of the products or services you provide. With good SEO and high business quality, your business will have a very high chance of succeeding just as your client base grows.

Become An Authority In Your Field – When your website becomes the top result for your target keywords, you then become the expert in those subjects – as judged by the search engines – and have the power to influence your visitors and your field itself.

More Affordable And Cost-Efficient – SEO is considerably cheaper compared to traditional forms of advertising, such as print and TV broadcast. It is also more cost-efficient than pay-per-click advertising, which requires you to pay search engines for every visitor they direct to your website.

Get Well-Targeted Advertisement – When your website comes up in search engine results, the searcher is most likely already interested in availing the kind of goods or services you offer. This means SEO gives you high-quality traffic.

The Results Of SEO Are Long-Lasting – If an SEO company provides you with on-site relevant content, your website will receive a steady traffic stream for about five years. Link-building and other similar techniques will give your site further boost and help you maintain a high ranking with little effort.

Why Choose J2 Media

While business owners can optimize their website by themselves, hiring a professional SEO company is still the best way to fully optimize a website at the least cost and effort. Here are 7 reasons why you should hire J2 Media as your SEO company:

We Cover All The Important Points – We optimize the most relevant keywords to your business at all the major search engines. Furthermore, we monitor the progress of the optimization in all these search engines so that all efforts are directed where it is needed the most.

We Are A Team Of Professionals – All members of J2Media have been formally trained at their respective tasks and exercise their SEO skills daily. We optimize websites organically and ethically.

We Deliver The Value Of Your Money – The only true- measure of a successful SEO is its ROI (return on investment). To show you your ROI, we provide you with your regular site traffic updates and full ranking report.

We Are Constantly Evolving – As search engines continue to improve their algorithms in order to bring higher quality results, we also continue to improve our methods to match any of its changes.

We Provide Quality Content – Well-written,- informative content is the key to increasing traffic composed of visitors who will stay long on your website. Our writers are trained to write copies that are not only keyword-rich but easy to read as well.

We Create Quality Backlinks – Backlinks, or links from other websites to yours, is what fuels increase in ranking in search engine results. With high-quality links going to your site, you get higher index rate and visibility.

We Save Your Time And Energy – Doing your own SEO will take a lot of your time and money. When you hire us to optimize your website, you can devote yourself to improving your business and its core functions instead of its promotion.