What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an Internet marketing strategy that improves website visibility through direct advertising on search engine results page (SERPs). It differs from regular search engine optimization (SEO) methods as it guarantees that a website appears instantly on search queries for keywords that it has paid to be advertised on. In a SERP, an SEM advertisement is highlighted and appears on the upper left and right sidebar of the page, where search engine users give the highest attention.

Benefits and Advantages of SEM

Cost-Effective Advertising – Compared to advertising in old media like TV, SEM is directed at an audience that is already interested to use the product or services your website is offering. With such focused advertisement,it means that you are only using your marketing resource towards people who have a high prospect of being your clients or buyers. SEM advertising also reports better return on investment (ROI) compared to other Internet marketing strategies such as banner placement and email marketing.

Dramatic Increase In Traffic – Because SEM puts your website in the forefront of SERPs, it guarantees that a large fraction of search engine queries are directed to your website. All this directed traffic then becomes potential sales leads or e-commerce sales for you. By simply using SEM on the major search engines – Google and Yahoo! in particular – already gives your business maximum online exposure.

Easy To Track Process – You can easily track the progress of your SEM campaign through website statistic services like Google Analytics to see how it improves your site traffic. This gives you a picture of how many people are searching for your target keywords and how many are directed to your site, as well as get an insight on market behavior and how users feel about your website. Using this, you get concrete data on where your advertising money is going.

Customizable Advertising – A unique feature of search engine marketing is that you can configure your campaign so that your advertisements appear to your target user demographic. This has the advantage of allowing you to focus your resources where it will garner the most profit. It also allows you to strengthen your brand building towards your target customers.

Why Make J2 Media Your Partner

SEM marketing promises big results, but it requires expertise to use it to its full potential. Here are 5 reasons how J2Media can help you with that.

We Use Accurate Campaign Details – Before the start of an SEM marketing campaign, we work with our clients to establish the important points of the campaign, including its objective, key performance indicators, target market, optimization details, budget and duration. This ensures that all points of the campaign are clear and agreed upon by everyone.

We Have A Team Of Skilled Optimizers – J2 Media is composed of professionals who have practiced SEM marketing for years and are knowledgeable about the latest and most effective SEM optimization strategies. More than that, we also provide expert recommendations on how to best utilize your resources and reach your goals.

You Can Leave Everything To Us – Your efforts are best spent managing your business and not just its marketing aspect. This is why we offer to take over the whole marketing campaign so that you can give your full attention to what you do best. We provide progress report so that you are still updated about the success of your SEM campaign.

We Provide Holistic Services – We have an in-depth knowledge about other Internet marketing strategies, such as social media advertising and e-mail marketing, which we can use to supplement the results of your SEM campaign. We are able to recommend different online marketing solution so that you can achieve your goals at the least time and cost.

You’re Not Just A Client, You’re A Partner – We make an effort so that you get the highest value for your money. When you work with us, we provide you with tested methods so that your advertising resources are spent optimally. We will openly share our methods with you and craft our campaign approach based on what will work best for your business.