Why Online Advertising?

Need the power boost to sky rocket your online sales or looking to increase your online brand presence? We implement strong advertising strategies integrated with new technology to yield the best results for your company. There are different online advertising strategies that can be implemented to power boost your sales.

One popular strategy is by getting top rankings in Search Engines such as Google for your business keywords. By being top you get organic traffic from potential customers who view your site based on the credibility that you are ranked top! With that level of trust already in their mind before they entered your website, it is no wonder businesses who rank top get high conversion rates. Any business that wishes to succeed or expand nowadays can no longer rely on traditional marketing media alone. Today, for a company to gain better brand retention and receive higher sales, it needs to utilize various online marketing techniques. As people spend more time online, they also become more reliant on the internet when choosing the products and services they buy. This is why it is now crucial for businesses to promote themselves online. Below are the top five online marketing methods that companies should use in order to improve their branding and receive a bigger share of the market.

Internet Usage Information – The usage of the Internet has greatly increased since 2000 and it will continue to increase dramatically with more and more consumers shopping online with the ease of convenience. If you have not yet establish your brand and presence online, you better get started. Don’t wait till your competitors take the jump board ahead of you and eat up all the market share online before you come in. It would be too late. It is time you take the leap into the huge revenue yields that online sales can bring you.


High ROI Internet Marketing Strategies


1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People increasingly use search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) to get information about the products that they want to buy or services they want to hire. What SEO does is improve the ranking of websites and its pages so that they appear on the top results of search engine query results. This is very important since the majority of search engine users only check the first page of the results. This means that by being included in the top 10 results a website or webpage gets a good chance of influencing a search engine and turning him into a customer or client.

2) Search Engine Marketing (PPC Ads)

Search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click advertising, is the method of marketing a website using keywords and keyword phrases. Different companies usually bid for a particular keyword/phrase (with the highest search request being most sought after) and successful bidders can have their ads appear on the first page of search engine query results for the keyword/phrase it won. The ads are usually placed either on top (highlighted) of the other results or on its side. A successful PPC ad campaign can produce overwhelming traffic to a site and greatly improve its owning company’s sales.

3) Facebook Advertising

With over 900 million active monthly users, Facebook is now one of the most potent advertising medium in the Internet. Facebook Advertising works by letting businesses contract Facebook to post their ads, which are then shown to people who fit the type of customers the business is targeting. A company can choose their target customers based on relevant information – such as age, interests and location – that users provide to Facebook when they create an account. More than making sales, Facebook Advertising is also a great way to increase a company’s online presence and deepen their relationship with their customers by creating a community around their products.

4) High Conversion Website Design

Having a creative and engaging web design is a way website owner can make their visitors explore their site and increase the chance of them becoming a client or customer. Professional web designers use their knowledge of typography, page layout, programming, and visual design to create a website that upholds the site owner’s vision and intent. The website is also crafted to complement the product or message being delivered by the site, while also enhancing user experience. Successful websites with a creative web design have distinguishing qualities such as being visually appealing and convenient to use.

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing is the method of directly marketing to existing and prospect customers via email. It is an essential component of Internet marketing and one of the best tools for client or customer retention.The chief advantage of using an email marketing campaign is its capacity to simultaneously provide information and promote one’s business while building relationships with the recipients.

Now What?

Attract your customers online today with a variety of popular methods and online marketing strategies. Speak with us today about your company needs and we will come up with the perfect online marketing solution for your business! Call us now at +65 6727 2151!