Basics of Facebook Advertising

As the biggest social networking website today, Facebook acts as a very powerful advertising medium for companies big or small. By providing user information to business owners, Facebook provides companies with crucial marketing information that allows them to advertise their business at their target niches, which gives their ads a much better market reception.


Why Facebook Advertising is Effective


1) Astounding Statistics – Facebook is, by far, the most successful social networking site in history. It now has over 900 million active users, who spend an average of 20 minutes on the website per visit, and accounts for 1 in every 5 pageviews on the entire Internet. This gives Facebook a very high marketing potential, with just a single well-placed ad able to drive in thousands of visitors to your website.

2) Accurate Ad Placement – Facebook Insights provides advertisers with all the information they need to optimally place their ads. You can choose to place your ads based on your target audience’s location, age, gender, interest, connections and more. This means your ads are seen by people who are already interested about what you have to offer.

3) Get Real Time Reports – Advertisers on Facebook can avail of its Advertising Performance Report, which tracks how an ad performs through metrics such as number of impressions and click-through rates. You can use this to further optimize your ads as it shows you which demographics has a better reception of your product/services and give you insights on how to improve your ads.

4) Versatile Marketing – Facebook allows you to pay for your advertisements via CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per metric, or number of impressions). Each has its advantage and what you use will depend on your goal. CPC works best for driving traffic for one-off products or promos, while CPM is best suited for long-term brand building and site promotion.

Customer Engagement – Advertising on Facebook isn’t limited to placing ads. You can also create a fan page for your company and build an active community around business. This way you are meeting your potential clients halfway through and build trust and reputation around your brand.


How J2 Media Can Help You Advertise

Here are some services J2Media can provide you with for your Facebook Advertising campaign.

Draft Your Campaign Objectives – We set specific campaign objectives using all current marketing tools on Facebook. We also provide you with an expert consultant who can identify which Facebook users are part of your target niche.

Create Optimized, Catchy Ads – Placement is sometimes not enough. We make ads that have been tested to create a good impression on your target audience based on all available information. This improves your ad reception and lowers your total ad cost.

Provide Real Time Reports
– We can show you the progress of your campaign using Facebook’s performance reports. We will also provide you with professional recommendations and insights on how you can best improve your ad campaign.

Handle Your Facebook Account – Creating a fan page for your brand or business is a great way reach out to your target customers in a natural way. We can interact with users who like your company to give it a strong following.

Optimize Your In-Site Content – Cool ads may get you a lot of visitors, but it is relevant content that retains them. J2Media uses various SEO techniques to not only drive traffic to your site, but turn visits to potential sales leads as well.