Email Marketing

Email marketing is the method of directly marketing to existing and prospect customers via email. It is an essential component of Internet marketing and one of the best tools for client or customer retention.The chief advantage of using an email marketing campaign is its capacity to simultaneously provide information and promote one’s business while building relationships with the recipients.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Businesses have long used emails to increase their sales leads and maximize sales productivity. Below are six ways of how email marketing can help your business:

Market In An Instant – You can write and send an email in less than a minute, and your subscribers will then receive it right away. Similarly, if you receive any queries and requests from your subscribers, you can give a feedback just as quickly.

Track Campaign Performance – Through your email marketing system you can monitor the number of your subscribers and the rate that they read through your messages. This will give you a picture of your potential ROI and the reach of your campaign.

Minimize Publication Cost – You can send electronic newsletters and pamphlets through your email marketing system to your clients and customers. This save you printing and labour cost that would have been required to deliver the same information in paper.

Build Up Anticipation – A great way to boost sales is to get your customers excited about your product even before it gets released. Through email marketing, you can notify your customers early on so that they can reserve their time and money for your product launch.

Get Wider Readership – Email marketing gives you a very extensive reach, enabling you to promote your product or services to a lot more people. But more than plain advertising, you can also share industry updates, special deals and advance notices to make your emails more engaging to your subscribers.

Get Site Traffic And Leads – On your emails you can briefly write your message, and then post a link to your website where you provide full details of what you are offering. This will boost your site traffic and increase the potential of your sales leads.

Features of Our Email Marketing System

Database Management – A database manager will record all clients’ contact information, which can be accessed and edited at any time. The contact information file can be categorized using filters and exported to popular spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.

Easy Campaign Tracking – The email marketing system tracks the numbers of your subscribers, the rate that your email is opened and read, how often your subscribers click a link in your email and even the number of transactions made by your company as referred by your email.

Segmented Marketing – You can categorize your contacts by their age, location, gender or some other filter that you assign (such as their open rate or number of purchases). This way you can tailor and selectively send your messages to improve their effectiveness.

Compliant Of Laws – Emails that sound like spam and disregard electronic messaging policies can put off your subscribers. Our email marketing system reminds clients of ethical online marketing, such as through legal disclaimers and anti-spamming notices.

Attractive Email Designs – Our email marketing system comes with customizable templates to make your emails more appealing to your subscribers.